19 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears: Fluffy, Big, Tiny & More

You’re in luck if you’re seeking a dog that looks like a cuddly teddy bear. Several dog breeds have thick coats and bulky bodies that make them look almost bear-like. Several of these dogs are enormous, but some tiny dog breeds have a bear-like appearance. They differ in attitude, coloring and markings, and activity level.

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Are Dogs and Bears Related?

Sorry to disappoint you, but bears and dogs are not connected in any way. They are two unique species that developed from different biological groups.

Dogs are members of the Canidae family, including foxes, dingoes, and coyotes. Bears, on the other hand, are members of the Ursidae family. Polar bears, pandas, and other bear-like animals are relatives in this family.

Bears and dogs have no direct relationship, despite their similar appearance. A widespread fallacy regarding their relationship is that they can’t breed to generate a new hybrid animal. The two creatures don’t even have the same number of chromosomes.

Having said that, there is an evolutionary link between the two animals. And here are ten dog breeds that resemble bears.


Akitas, like grizzlies, prefer a large amount of area. This Japanese dog breed, known for its profound commitment to its family members, does not take kindly to strangers. Or rather, if you surprise an Akita with a new buddy, they will likely yelp and go into protection mode. An Akita’s thick, double coat provides extra insulation, and its pointed ears resemble those of black bears.

Alaskan Malamute

This breed is next on the list of dogs with bear faces. The Alaskan Malamute may resemble a wolf more than a bear, but they are still enormous teddy bears.

That is in contrast to their personality, which can be family-friendly if properly bred and socialized. However, they are still independent and clever dogs.

Bouvier des Flandres

This breed is probably one of the best bear dogs. A Bouvier des Flandres, like a bear exploring a campground, requires an objective. These canines were bred to work on farms and enjoy having tasks to complete. However, they may become destructive if left to their own devices. The size and attitude of a Bouvier make them excellent watchdogs. Their thick, weatherproof fur and stubbed tail may also give the impression that you have a bear at home. Over the years, these pups have worked in both law enforcement and as service dogs.

Bush Dog

Another dog that looks like a bear to your attention. Bush Dogs and brown bears have a striking resemblance. Bush Dogs, sometimes known as Savannahs, have a thick and fuzzy coat of brown fur.

In addition, they have pointed ears and a little wider muzzle than most dogs. But, unfortunately, the breed’s physical resemblance to bears has not proven advantageous.

They are frequently murdered because they are mistaken for dangerous bears. They’re actually pretty cautious and skittish. The breed is currently classified as endangered.

Caucasian Shepherd

This is the next breed on the list of big furry dogs.The Caucasian shepherd is named after the Kavkaz (Caucasus) highlands of Eastern Europe. Its size matches that of a small bear. Their thick coats and strong bulk give these dogs a bear-like appearance. These intrepid canines were tasked with protecting herds and homes in tough situations, and they are still devoted guards today. They are enormous and robust dogs, yet they are also kind and affectionate toward their owners.

Chow Chow

Another dog that look like teddy bear comes to your attention. The Chow Chow, an old Chinese breed, is a semi-aloof, almost cat-like dog with eyes solely for you. They are available in white (hello, small polar bear! ), black, and red. Though Chow Chows might be obstinate during training, they adore their owners. They will defend you if they believe someone is invading your territory.

Estrela Mountain Dog

This will be the next breed on the list of dogs that looks like a bear. If a bear and a dog had a child, it would most likely resemble the Estrela Mountain Dog. Early socialization and firm training are essential for bringing out this pup’s affectionate, doting side. Otherwise, you can end up with a massive, unmanageable beast on your hands. Overall, these dogs enjoy being with their family and are responsible housekeepers. They are also excellent with children.


The Eurasier is a one-of-a-kind breed bred from some of our other bear-like dogs on the list, including the Chow Chow, Wolfspitz, and, eventually, the Samoyed. With this history, it’s no surprise they resemble a bear!

Originally known as the ‘Wolf Chow,’ this breed was eventually called the Eurasier to honor the breed’s distinguishing European and Asian background.

Unsurprisingly, the Eurasier’s lineage results in a noble appearance, a cross between a soft teddy bear and a real-life bear that will undoubtedly make people stop in their tracks to look at this amazing canine.

Eurasiers are described as a well-balanced breed that is calm, confident, and somewhat easy to teach. In addition, Eurasiers are widely regarded as excellent family members, forming close bonds with their owners and quickly becoming more of a child than a pet.

Gaddi Dog

Gaddis are indigenous Indian dogs from Himachal Pradesh in northern India. They are thought to be descended from the Tibetan mastiff. They were raised to hunt but mainly were employed for sheep herding and livestock guarding. They are also known as Mahidant mastiffs and Indian Leopard Hounds. They are extremely rare, and only a few shepherds from the Gaddis tribes keep them (from which their name is derived).

Gaddi dogs are said to be robust enough to repel snow leopard assaults. They are also incredibly bright and skilled at herding wandering sheep and goats back to their cages.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees, named after the Pyrenees Mountains that separate France and Spain, joins the list because it can be mistaken for a polar bear at first glance due to its luxuriant white coat and massive bulk. Their function as herding dogs was to protect flocks from predators like wolves and real bears. Instead, these gentle giants make clever, family-friendly companions who are loyal and protective guardians.

Karelian Bear Dog

If you’re searching for a nice dog who enjoys playing with children, seek elsewhere. These are strong-willed individuals bred to hunt enormous game. They have bear-like facial features and, from some angles, resemble this animal (hence their name). Their black and white color is similar to that of a panda bear. Karelian Bear Dogs are courageous hunters who undergo intensive training. Expect a few kisses, but expect them to enthusiastically protect you from harm.


Suppose you want a medium-sized bear dog breed both a loving companion and a devoted family dog. In that case, the Keeshond checks all the boxes. These grey, black, and cream-colored fur bundles were bred as companion dogs for Dutch bargemen. They still take that function seriously—Keeshonds like spending time with their owners and dislike being left alone for lengthy periods. They’ll adjust to apartment living, small children, and other pets. You’ll have a lifelong companion as long as you vow to adore them and lavish them with cuddles.


Leonbergers were initially developed in Germany as stately companions worthy of royalty. Leonbergers were noted for their ability to pull carts, owing to their enormous size and strength. Despite their size and thick fur, which gives them a bear-like appearance, these canines are friendly and serene by nature. Nonetheless, they make excellent watchdogs.

Maremma Sheepdog

The Maremma Sheepdog is a relatively unknown breed frequently misidentified as the Great Pyrenees or even a White Swiss Shepherd.

But they are different dogs. 

These pups have a more athletic frame for a dog of their size.

This is partly due to their role as livestock protectors and their ability to survive hard winters.


Newfoundlands (or Newfies) can grow larger than the Malayan sun bear, the smallest kind of bear. Depending on the coat color, neighbors may mistake a Newfie lumbering around the yard for a little brown bear or spectacled bear. Though, they look nothing like the Malayan sun bear. Newfoundlands are large, loving dogs with patient personalities. They don’t require much space to run around. But cramming one into a small apartment may not be the best idea.

Saint Bernard

Another fluffy bear dog comes to your attention. Originally developed to save people from the frigid temperatures of the treacherous Great Saint Bernard Pass in the Western Alps, Saint Bernard resembles a real-life bear. Just without the threat of a real bear.

They were substantially smaller than the massive ones we see now when they were working dogs.

Because of their past as rescuers, they are kind, caring, and sweet-natured, making them another gentle giant on the list. They are incredibly amazing with children and are frequently regarded as cautious and patient.

St Bernards are incredibly affectionate to their owners despite their enormous size and will most likely consider themselves lap dogs. The St Bernard’s primary purpose is to please its owner, and they are always seeking to cover you in love, kisses…and drool.

If you own a St Bernard, you should expect a few mishaps and broken items. They are completely unaware of their enormous size. They will undoubtedly knock, crush, and ruin innumerable things in your home, all by accident!

These dogs are fantastic furry buddies as long as you aren’t excessively concerned with the cleanliness and tidiness of your home.


This is likely one of the best puppies that look like bears. The Samoyed is a spitz breed that originated in Russia’s Siberian region. These powerful and intelligent dogs were bred to pull sleds on polar missions. They now make friendly and playful family pets that happen to look like miniature polar bears. Their beautiful white coats are complemented by a similarly fluffy tail.

Swedish Lapphund

With their narrow snouts and sharp ears, Swedish Lapphunds can resemble wolves or sloth bears, depending on the thickness of their fur. However, Swedish Lapphunds, like most spitz-style breeds, make ideal playmates due to their fluffy curly tails and energetic temperament. These puppies will learn commands quickly and enjoy time outside as herding dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff

This is most likely one of the best bear dogs. A golden-colored Tibetan Mastiff may resemble a blonde spirit bear, a species of brown bear distinguished by its lighter-colored coat. Tibetan Mastiffs are clever, protective canines who are not always eager to meet new people. However, they prioritize spending time with their family and relaxing at home. Training will be difficult since these enormous canines believe they are smarter than you—be advised.

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