What Dog Hunts Bears? 8 Bear Hunting Dog Options

Hunting bears with dogs is a time-honored tradition in North America. While bear hunting dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes, some are better suited to bear hunting than others. This article will cover the best bear hunting dog breeds for bear hunters looking for a tough and dependable canine companion on their next hunt.

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Karelian bear dog

Karelian bear dogs are medium-sized bear-hunting dogs with an admirable track record. They were bred to hunt and fight bears due to their natural aggressiveness, strength, agility, and endurance. This bear hunting dog breed is also fearless in the face of danger. Another reason why they’re among the best bear hunting companions for hunters looking for a bear hunting dog with a heart.

Alaskan bear hunting dogs

The Alaskan bear hunting dog is an excellent hunting bear partner. He is a bear hunter’s friend. These dogs can fight grizzlies and black bears without a problem because they have been bred to have these bear hunting traits: strong, agile, and fearless in the face of danger with their courage.

Bear hunters will find an Alaskan bear dog with many valuable skills to be invaluable bear hunting companions. They perform well in extremely cold conditions and can hunt bears in dens or under thick brushes while working as a team.

Alaskan bear dogs were developed to do bear hunting, and that is what they do best!

Caucasian shepherd

A Caucasian Shepherd is also a bear hunting dog that is worth considering. The bear hunting dog was bred specifically for bear-hunting and bear-fighting, making this a great bear hunting companion for bear hunters. These dogs are fearless and hardy bear hunters with plenty of fur, which helps them endure the harsh conditions of North America’s bear country.

Tahltan Bear Dog

The Tahltan bear dog was hunting breed that you should consider if it didn’t go extinct. These small dogs were quite popular in the 19th century and used by people of Tahltan Indian Tribes. This intelligent and fearless canine was born to hunt, so it’s not afraid of bears or anything else for that matter! The Tahltan dog also has the brains to match his strength. He will help with your hunting because he knows what needs doing without being told-and like any good hunter would do in this situation. He’ll take down any large game animal before they get anywhere near you while you’re trying to shoot from afar.

Pit bull

In the 1800s, pit bulls were explicitly bred for bear hunting and fighting. They can fight black bears and brown bears with no problem whatsoever. That’s what makes them an excellent companion of choice for any enthusiast who wants a good time in their hunt!

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino bear hunting dog is a breed that you should consider. These dogs were bred specifically to hunt bears and are the perfect companion for black or brown bears. They have an impressive track record when it comes to taking down even some of the largest predators in North America! This intelligent animal also has brains as well as brawns, keeping your family safe from these deadly creatures no matter where they live on their property.

With intelligence combined with powerful jaws able to crush bones like twigs, there are not many alternatives to this breed for hunting.

Chinese Bear Hunting Dogs 

Chinese bear hunting dogs have been used for centuries in China to hunt bears. These dogs are bred from Tibetan Mastiffs and Chow Chows, two breeds of dogs with a reputation for courage and intelligence. They are known as “bear-hunting” dogs because they were initially bred to hunt the notorious black (grizzly) bears found throughout Asia. Today, these fearless canines are still being used on hunts for other similarly sized game such as boars or deer.

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