12 Types of Dog Breeds That Are Picky About Eating

All dogs are picky eaters. But some dog breeds are more finicky than others! Today, we will look at 12 types of dog breeds that are picky about eating and why they might be so particular when it comes to their meals.

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Before we start… Is it just about being picky?

While some breeds tend to be pickier than others, dogs refuse to eat for many different reasons. Those range from their dislike of the food to medical conditions, anxiety, or changes in their environment. 

Before starting, consider whether your dog’s disinterest in food is caused by a medical condition.

If your dog is sick, it may not feel like eating. Dogs can get viruses just like humans do. If your dog has been vomiting or having diarrhea, you should ask a doctor for help with the problem.


Malteses have a higher risk of dental problems. They are typically happier with soft, moist food choices over hard kibble because of their often delicate teeth and prone to have dental problems. Consider switching them to a softer diet.

Cocker Spaniel 

English cocker spaniels are picky eaters. They like really certain foods. It’s not good to force them to eat something they don’t want to, because then they might be sick.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers have sensitive stomachs. They have a shorter esophagus and a squished nose. This means that they might get sick more often, and might get gas more often. It is important to find food that does not make them sick so they can eat it all the time!

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to be very picky eaters, as they can be particular about the texture of their food. Dry chunks of kibble are not very tempting for them. Try switching them onto a softer diet and make it variable. 


It’s a Chinese toy dog belonging to the Toy Dogs category. Pekingese puppies, like other tiny pups, are fussy eaters. In order to receive any special goodies, such animals usually taunted their owners in the hopes of receiving something out of the ordinary.


Pugs are also from China. They are sweet and calm animals. But sometimes a pug can be stubborn. Pugs are really smart and know how to take advantage of their owners by being picky eaters.


Dachshunds are German. They may act like they do not want to eat because they have a stubborn disposition.


The lovely type of dog comes from France or Germany. The quick to learn dog may be a fussy eater, even if they were born somewhere else. You need to decide how much food this dog needs and make sure it is eating well.

German Shepards

These large dogs need a lot of protein and animal fat in their food. If they do not get the right balance, they might refuse to eat the food that they have been offered.

French Bulldog

This French breed has a relaxed temperament. But they may be picky about what they eat. It doesn’t matter how patient you are, you can never force your dog to eat. They are intelligent and will know what you’re doing if you try to do that.

Bichon Frise

This is a known allergic dog breed, including food allergies. Make sure your Bichon Frise is eating high-quality dog food that doesn’t contain any of the artificial additives or preservatives.


The Greyhound breed was developed in Europe for hunting and racing. Their reputation as a family pet was considerably enhanced in the early twentieth century. Greyhounds may become picky eaters owing to dietary adjustments or anxiety caused by their trusting attitude.

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