Dog Breeds with Black Gums: Chow Chow, Mastiff, etc.

Similar to humans, most dogs have pink gums. Seeing a dog with black or dark gums is often thought to be a pointer to significant health issues. However, some dog breeds with black gums naturally, thanks to having all sorts of darker pigmentation on them. This can include freckles or a different tongue, nose, or skin color.

In these cases, these are genetically-linked and are not a cause for concern. If you are unsure whether your dog’s black gums are normal or not, you should contact your vet.

I will tell you all about black dog gums in this article and the breeds most likely to have those.

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Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pincher is one of the most efficient guard dogs: quick, strong, and loyal. They are fearless, with a sleek, dignified look, and very athletic. Intimidating and alert, Doberman is likely to dissuade most predators. If you notice your Doberman to be a black gums dog, it can be normal many times in this breed.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most common breeds of dogs in America, known for its stunning golden coat and friendliness. These dogs are also selected as guide dogs for the blind and are often useful hunting companions. Its obedient nature and openness to training also make this breed suitable for search-and-rescue teams.

The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish countryside, possibly in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. Naturals at catching waterfowl, this dog enjoys long games of catch and a nice swim. This is one of the most typical breeds among dogs with black mouths.


The Rottweiler, a muscular working dog, is a gentle defender of the home and a great playmate. Originating as Roman military companions, these dogs are smart and great at realistic problem-solving.

Today, the Rottweiler is playful and cuddly but also territorial and brave. Given they are trained from a young age, their defensive behavior should be a positive feature and not a source of unnecessary violence.

Portuguese Water Dog

This mid-sized, fluffy, black and white breed is known for its lively yet loyal disposition. These dogs can swim and dive underwater, and they are known as a fisherman’s aid. Historically, they were used to herd fish schools, carry messages from boat to boat, and retrieve tools like nets from the sea.

These dogs are strong and hard-working. They may be hostile or shy about strangers, but they’re easy to train and eager to please. Don’t be too worried if you notice that this dog’s gums are black! They many times are, and it’s fine!

Chow Chow

This mid-sized dog comes from China and is very powerful and muscular in size. In addition to black gums, the Chow Chow has a distinctive blue-black tongue. Dark gums in dogs like the Chow Chow are essentially expected.

These dogs are clean, loyal, and are unlikely to carry an odor to the home. Although they are far away from strangers, they are incredibly caring and very obedient to their owners. Historically, this breed has been used for herding, hunting, and home defense.


The giant mastiff is an ancient race, very loyal and powerful. They have thick muscles and a thick body. They are very patient and caring, and it’s essential to train them well. They are usually afraid of outsiders and do their best when they are socialized from a very young age.


The Newfoundland is a working dog, heavy, sturdy, and massive. In fact, it is one of the world’s largest dogs and one of the most popular dog breeds with black gums.

They are often called “nanny dogs” because of their outstanding gentleness, composure, and ability to watch over their companions. They are particularly trustworthy and very easy to train.


The Pomeranian is a tiny dog, just six to seven inches tall. It is often referred to as the perfect pet, a tiny toy breed owned and bred by royals and non-royals.

These dogs can be recognized by their large, fluffy coats and have a brave attitude despite their size. They’re physical, but even in small spaces, like city apartments, their small size can get the exercise they need. They do well with children, they love games, and they make great companions.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Pit Bull)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred as a fighting dog in England and is now valued for its gentle nature and patience with children. Their battle instinct remains, but early socialization can be mediated.

These dogs are smaller than their American relatives, but they are also playful and loyal. Some of them have black gums and black hair on their muzzles, but their mouths are not entirely black even in these situations. You may notice black spots on the dog’s gum, but it’s no problem whatsoever if it’s a Pit.

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