What Is the Least Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog That Has Got off Leash?

It is not just common courtesy to ensure your dog is leashed in some cases. In some places in the United States, there are laws around ensuring your dog is on its leash, referred to as ‘leash laws.

Plus, a dog that is not on a leash or escapes is more likely to interact with other dogs. This can mean a variety of things. During canine disease outbreaks, your dog can be at risk for picking up these conditions. If they get away from you long enough, a female dog can get pregnant if you haven’t spayed it.

All this does is make it more pertinent to get your dog back on its leash as fast as you can. This article will tell you the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off its leash and the best one. 

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What Is the Least Effective Way to Retrieve a Dog Off its Leash?

If you’ve never had your dog escape its leash, it can be quite panic-inducing. When this panic sets in, you may attempt to retrieve your dog in ways that are not very effective or may actually do more harm than good. The methods below are some of the least effective in retrieving a dog.

  1. Running after it.  If you are absolutely sure that you can run faster than your canine companion, which in most cases is unlikely, then give it a go. If you can catch up to your dog, then you can pick it up and make sure it is properly leashed. However, most dogs can run faster than humans. If you go running after your dog when it’s off its leash, it’ll likely think you are trying to play with it. That simply means it’ll run even more, which obviously doesn’t improve the situation.
  2. Screaming for it to return. If you scream your dog’s name and appear agitated, it may not return. First of all, your voice will not sound very familiar. And your pet may also believe that you intend to punish it when it returns. They don’t want that, so they would rather stay away.

What Is the Best Method to Catch a Dog Off its Leash?

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do if your dog break free of its leash, it is time to tell you exactly what to do if a dog gets off the leash. 

  1. Call its name calmly but firmly. This is in stark contrast to one least effective way to catch a dog, scream, and shout its name. Instead, try your best to remain calm and call its name out loud and calmly. To help you achieve this, think of yourself as if you were calling its name at home. If your dog always comes back to you when unleashed at home, then call in a similar way, and it’ll do the same even if it’s outside.
  2. Run away from it. You’ve probably realized if you have had a dog long enough that if you run, they run after you. Get your dog’s attention by calling its name, and then run off in the opposite direction. Your pal will likely run after you to give chase.
  3. Lie flat on the ground. They say curiosity killed the cat, but dogs are just as curious. This may seem very odd, but if your dog has its attention on you but is quite some distance away, then lie down flat on the ground. This behavior is quite unexpected, so your dog will wonder what is happening and likely come over to you. This will make it easy to get them on their leash.
  4. Lure them back in with favorite treats. If you have some of your dog’s treats handy when it manages to escape its leas, then it’ll be relatively easy to coerce them to come back to you. It’s hard for them to say no to those biscuits that they love so much!

Ultimately, if none of these work for you, it is crucial to inform your neighborhood that your dog has escaped its leash. This will allow neighbors that see it to call you or help you take it in and keep it safe. Leaving entrances in your home open is also essential as dogs can often simply show back up at home once they’re ready. 

How to Prevent a Dog from Escaping its Leash?

You can take some steps to ensure that your dog cannot slip free of its leash.

  1. Use a martingale collar. This type of collar won’t choke your dog incessantly and is more secure in making sure that it can’t slip out of it.
  2. Use a harness instead of a collar. A harness is more comfortable for the dog and holds the body instead of the neck.
  3. Play and exercise with your dog frequently. Dogs that don’t get to burn off their energy will be more likely to go zooming and zipping around everywhere when you take them on a walk. Do it more regularly, and they are more likely to stay calm and predictable.

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