All Skinny Dog Breeds You Need to Know About

Naturally slender dogs tend to be the most agile of them, giving them an edge when hunting. These skinny dogs enjoy the outdoors at all times and not only when hunting. They make perfect pets for people who are always active. They also make very loyal dogs.

The skinny dog breeds about to follow in this article don’t share any other characteristics like intelligence or bravery. They are simply the skinniest dogs!

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They can be perfect apartment dogs because they don’t bark a lot and spend too much time on the sofa (They also need to get out and run around as much as they can). Whippets are great at agility games, racing, and running lure. They’ve been clocked at 35 mph and can handle a 200-mile sprint in less than 12 seconds.

Whippets have a genetic mutation that helps them to be slim and athletic. Some dogs have this gene expressed too much, and they end up being heavily muscled, not skinny. That’s not the kind of Whippet I’d want — he wouldn’t make a list.


This is another Middle Eastern breed, probably related to the Afghan Hound. This is one of the oldest breeds. They may have been raised to hunt at first, so that’s why they’re so thin. 

This skinny dog’s breeds are slightly shorter than Greyhounds, a little slower on the track, but they’re popular for running long distances. The Saluki is a marathon runner of the pups world.

Saluki is one of the costliest dog breeds; they are also very stable. And besides that, they’re thin. It’s very thin!

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgebacks are one of the biggest and most remarkable breeds. They are considered a giant dog breed, with either clipped or naturally fallen paws, a long, thin tail, and a large body. For all its size, this tall skinny dog is a cute, affectionate pet. It likes to play, and it’s kind to kids.

These gorgeous dogs are strong while also retaining some grace. The ridge on their back adds to their elegance. The Ridgeback also features a strong body that helps with hunting.

Irish Setter

The breed, like the other Setters, is a perfect family dog, loyal and affectionate. He is a high-energy dog, which can be translated as a high-strung dog. The deep red of the Irish Setter with its long, flowing coat makes it an utterly beautiful breed, and its graceful movement only amplifies its appearance.


The Kanni breed resembles Grayhounds, but it is smaller in size, typically weighing from 35 to 48 pounds. They are timid dogs but loyal and protective. They’ve got short coats, and they’re going are black and tan in style.

They are considered a royal indigenous breed in India and are recognized by India’s Kennel Club. There is something elegant about long-legged dog breeds.

They were bred to be by themselves a lot, so they could be willing and territorial at times. On a positive note, these dogs are smart and fast to train.

Pharaoh Hound

This skinny dog breed has a similar look to the greyhounds, except for big, upright, and angular ears. This ancient eye-catcher retains the beauty of the rest of the breeds in the party, standing tall with broad ears and a red coat.

Is Your Skinny Dog Healthy?

If your dog is not well, it may be skinny because its appetite has a connection back to its wellbeing.

Your veterinarian helps you rule out or treat stuff like parasites or underfeeding. But if your dog is just a naturally lean dog breed, it won’t give them any health issues in and of itself.

It’s not to suggest that tall skinny dogs don’t have the potential to be unhealthy, just like any other dog! In reality, their sleek stature is more likely to be a way to escape health issues than a cause for them.

Some of the skinniest dog breeds come from the Sighthound community and have been bred for centuries. Running extremely quick, in short spurts, to capture prey, such as hare or rabbit, is something that comes easily for some dogs.

However, some thin dogs are thin because they are not well, abused, or are getting on in years.

If you’re not sure what kind of weight your dog is supposed to be, and if it may be too thin, see if it fits into one of the naturally skinny breeds. If your dog has lost weight lately, talk to your veterinarian.

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