Scariest Dog Breeds: Tibetan Mastiff, Boxer, Rottweiler, etc

It is not uncommon to hear stories about dogs attacking people and even their owners. Because of this, as a dog owner, you must make sure that you take up the responsibility of owning a dog with the utmost passion. Many dog breeds are quite intimidating.

We must be aware of the potential dangers that mishandling these animals can have on other people and animals. When not trained well, dogs on this list are indeed the scariest dog breeds. We must be sure to be loving and caring so that they turn out the same way.

Similar to humans, dogs can be aggressive at times. This is usually due to the lack of training or domestication or not doing enough when the dog acts up. All breeds are different, though, and it’ll be no surprise to see some of the toughest dog breeds appear on this list.

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Rottweilers still appear on these list forms, and it’s easy to see why. They have all the hallmarks of the most intimidating dog breeds:

  • They’re pretty tall.
  • They’re often covered in black fur.
  • They’re incredibly muscular.
  • They’re always wary of strangers.

But Rottweilers are not only intimidating – but they also make incredible companions who are sensitive, caring, and loyal. They don’t like being far from their owners, though, so they’re not perfect for families who spend a lot of time away from home.

Besides, they are smart and head-strong dogs that need an owner who can claim superiority in a confident yet caring manner.

Generally speaking, Rottweilers are not the right option for first-time owners. However, it can be a little easier for the novices to handle the females of the breed.

Tibetan Mastiff

For some, the Tibetan mastiff may look like a scary dog, but most people admire it for its massive construction and stature; it’s like the lions of the Tibetan Plateau!

However, if you’re after one, it’s not the dream playmate. The dog is specially trained to defend the flock, the family, and the territory. They are independent, ferocious, and loyal creepy-looking dogs who have a powerful will to protect their turf and their families until the end.

Given this breed’s size, they are perfectly agile and capable of jumping and scaling fences up to 6 feet! As a consequence, proper preparation is often a vital job for its owners.

Great Pyrenees

One of the rare, somewhat paradoxical breeds on our list is the Great Pyrenees. These dogs also grow quite large (some males reach 150 pounds) and are very protective of their homes and packs, but they look like giant teddy bears. They’re not the scariest dogs based on appearance alone. They are covered with long, fluffy hair and have rounded faces with cute ears.

However, the Great Pyrenees’ net impression can be very intimidating, particularly for those who are not comfortable with dogs. The Great Pyrenees were initially created to protect sheep and other livestock – that’s part of the explanation for their fluffy appearance. They were charged with tracking their flock and defending it from wolves or other predators – by physical means, if necessary.

The Great Pyrenees are among the most gentle breeds on our list as far as their families are concerned, but they are not the right choice for all owners. For example, the Great Pyrenees are not well adapted to apartment life. They can also be a little difficult to train and a little stubborn.

English Mastiff

These giants often reach 150 to 170 pounds and can grow up to 3-feet-high at the shoulder when standing. The males can frequently cross 200 pounds! Many who see them will think of them as among the scary dog breeds. Yet, despite their enormous and intimidating size, they are usually gentle, relaxed dogs who get along well with most people they meet.

This doesn’t mean they’re not ready to defend their pack when it’s needed, but they’re not going through life with the suspicious attitude of a Cane Corso or any others.

Thanks to their relaxed and positive attitude, English mastiffs are perhaps the most appropriate of the less common breeds for inexperienced owners, but caution is always required. Even the gentlest 170-pound dog can cause severe injury, and careful training and socialization are necessary to ensure that they stay friendly.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd dogs are flock-guarding behemoths that look much bigger than they actually are due to their long, fluffy coat.

Originally bred to protect the wolves, these dogs are very territorial. They do not tolerate strangers – like humans, dogs, and cats – entering their environment.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are also competitive animals that will test the boundaries of their owner’s authority. They, therefore, need firm but loving leadership and continuous training from an early age to ensure that they remain trustworthy and secure.


Boxers were first bred in Germany and came from the Old English bulldogs. They have brown, white, or black furs with dark or light-colored markings around their ears. These are also used by people as scary dogs.

These adorable canines are smart, enthusiastic, and always ready to play. Most of them have gentle provisions, but they can be very territorial and defensive, always prepared to defend both the family and the turf.

Pit Bull

The pit bull is a British breed adored by many dog lovers all over the world. One of the most recognizable characteristics is their wide mouth, which makes these dogs look like they’re laughing all the time. Many might consider them to be the most intimidating dog breed.

Bullies are generally brown with a scattering of white markings, although this coloring varies due to selective breeding. Pit bulls are friendly, joyful, and sweet canines.

Unfortunately, these doggies can be aggressive. That’s because they were bred to be used for dogfighting.

Pit bulls are also on top of a lot of canine-related assaults around the world. Do your study on fighting dog breeds first before you get one and train them properly to suppress their killer instincts.

Doberman Pinschers

These dogs look mean to many people. They are undoubtedly high on the list of the scariest looking dogs. 

Did you know that these dogs were initially trained by a tax collector? His name was Mr. Karl Louis Dobermann. The legend says that he was a bit tired of traveling around with wallets full of money, so he decided to create a guard dog. The outcome was that of the Doberman.

These dogs are known for their smarts and have been used by police for scent tracking, rescue, and as guides for the blind. This breed is the fifth smartest dog breed, and it’s easily trained. One problem—they’re so smart that they often overthink their teachers and their pet owners.

These days, Dobermans are still used as guardian dogs. Yet, they are also becoming friends who enjoy their pet parents and their families. Breeders are trying to figure out these dogs’ more competitive traits, so their softer side shines through. Hopefully, they won’t be one of those scary dog breeds for long!

German Shepherd

One of the most beautiful breeds of dogs is the German shepherd. It’s one of the most common dog breeds, but many also consider it one of the scariest looking dogs.

The German shepherds typically have brown, black, or light brown furs. Well-trained guys are gentle and fun to play with. But note that these canines are perhaps one of the most intelligent and violent of the breeds.

That’s why they’re always picked up by the security forces and the police. They’re capable of sensing and detecting a wide variety of objects and chemicals, and they are very loyal too.

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