6 Dog Breeds that Jump High (Almost Up to 10ft!)

There are many dog breeds that jump high and can do all sorts of aerial tricks that other dogs can’t dream of. These are the breeds that you tend to see competing in agility contests.

If you’ve noticed that your dog can jump high, you might want to learn more about their breed. Or perhaps you want to have one of these jumping dog breeds that will compete in some of these competitions. Either way, you’ll find everything you need to know about jumping dogs in this article!

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Border Collie

This breed originated from the United Kingdom, on the Anglo-Scottish border. Its daily routine back then was to support its owners with the herd of sheep and other livestock.

Border Collies will leap as high as 6 feet from standing! You could definitely say this is a high jump dog!

Their body is well proportioned to a smooth shape, which gives them an athletic look. These dogs also slightly longer than their height, and their loins and chest are muscular but not tucked up.

All of these traits make it possible for Border Collies to have the endurance they have.

Australian Shepherd 

“Aussie” is a dog breed established in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.

These fluffy dogs are a mixture of cuteness and strength since they were not only popular in dog shows and rodeos back then, but they were also praised for their appearance.

They’re generally sweet, but like most pets, they have to be conditioned every day to take care of their high energy levels.

Aussies have been recorded to jump as high as 4ft and are well-known champions among dogs that jump high.


Although they have the shortest back of all the dogs that can jump high, their solid, muscular limbs and broad, sloping shoulders seem to have made it possible for them to do so.

This breed is not only excellent at jumping; it also holds the world-breaking record of having the highest vertical wall climb of 13ft. The Guinness World Record for the highest dog jump by a dog was by a Greyhound, at 75.5 inches!

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpies are extremely sensitive, willing, and intelligent. They possess almost inexhaustible energy and are dedicated to their duties.

They have a long, sloping croup, a deep chest, and sturdy, well-muscled loins.

These dogs are known for their agility and incredible ability to leap up to 2.95 meters (9.6ft). That’s a high jumping dog for you if that’s what you’re looking for!

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is known for its egg-shaped head and its very distinctive sturdy and muscular body.

Originally from Great Britain, what made this dog breed fascinating is that the FCI standard says rather intentionally.

 “There are neither weight nor height restrictions, but the impression of maximum dog size should be compatible with quality and sex. Dog should be healthy at all times.”

Their muscle building doesn’t stop them from becoming very healthy dog breeds who love playing outdoors and jumping up to 2ft. These are certainly amongst the dog breeds that jump high.


The Whippet is the most athletic dog breed in the world. Spitfire is a whippet that holds a variety of records in regard to its athletic prowess. 

Current world record holders for Dock Dog competitions include a whippet named Cochiti in Big Air (31’00’, 2012) and a whippet named Spitfire in Speed Retrieve (3.489 seconds, 2018).

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