Why Use Coconut Oil for Dog Paws? ( DIY Healing Recipe)

As humans, we get to walk around with shoes, but dogs don’t. This explains why their paw pads tend to be rough. It’s from all the walking they do on all sorts of surfaces. When this skin gets too dry or cracks, it becomes sensitive and painful, making walking difficult for your dog.

And when a dogs paws get cracked like this, it can make them susceptible to infection. This is why cosmetic products for dog paws are such a good idea. They can help to repair cracks in this tough skin and make your dog’s paws feel a lot smoother and softer. 

Coconut oil is one of the best cosmetic products you can use for your dog’s paws. It is very easy to get. You can find it pretty much anywhere! 

It is also safe to eat, just in case your dog manages to tip over the bottle. The only precaution you need to make when using coconut oil for a dog’s paws is to make sure your dog is not allergic to it. After all, they might lick it off their paws. 

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Why use coconut oil for dog paws? 

Many dog owners want to take care of their pets and keep their paws from being itchy or irritated. Coconut oil is one of the safest possible remedies. Not only is it 100% pure, it’s also safe to use on your dog. When your dog gets to lick it off his hands, you won’t have to worry about hurting them. Coconut oil is not poisonous to dogs, whether it is applied to paws, hair, or even directly ingested.

Since coconut oil has a dense texture at room temperature, it is suitable for the care of dog paws. It melts slightly in contact with a dog’s body heat and spreads well.

Although olive oil may also be good for pets, solid coconut oil is better. It absorbs nicely into their paws compared to slipping away as olive oil does.

Many pet owners who take their dogs to a veterinary clinic get prescribed antibiotic ointment. There’s a lot of hype out today against the overuse of antibiotics. They can really only be used for the most severe infections of the skin. In minor wounds, scrapes, or burns, coconut oil for dog’s paws is a better option.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Dog’s Paws

Coconut oil has many benefits for both human and animal skin, and coconut oil for dry dog paws can act as a balm.

Relieves Sore Paws

Dogs may only suffer from the sore paws of walking and running on various surfaces. Coconut oil can help prevent your pet’s paws from getting sore and irritated. Not only does it moisturize the skin there, but it can serve as a protective balm, creating a barrier between the paws of your dog and any irritants.

Helps Speed Up Healing

Coconut oil is packed full of vitamins and minerals. As healthy skin heals faster, coconut oil may help heal any wounds your dogs may have. The same minerals and vitamins can also minimize scars and keep the skin healthy, moisturized, and soothed in this area.

Helps Prevent Infections

Cuts and bruises on your dog’s paws will quickly become contaminated when they are exposed to the outside world. Every dog parent knows that you can’t use a regular antiseptic cream on a dog without a bandage to stop it from licking. Every dog parent knows too that they don’t like bandages!

Coconut oil is natural anti-fungal oil. It will help protect the wounds from infection while also being absolutely healthy for your dog to lick.

What Kind Of Coconut Oil Is Best For Dogs?

As we discussed earlier, there are many different ways to extract coconut oil. Each of these ways produces a different oil quality. It is often recommended for dogs that you use pure, cold-pressed virgin oil. This indicates that it is pure coconut oil from organic coconut and has not been exposed to the sun.

Best Way to Apply Coconut Oil to Paws

It could be tricky to figure out the right way to apply coconut oil on a dog’s paws. First, check to see if the paws are okay or if they are injured. If they’re fine, simply apply it to your hands, rub it between them, and use them to gently coat the paws. 

You can only use your thumbs if the dog’s paws are all right. After rubbing your dog’s feet, you can apply what remains to your dog’s fur or face.

How to make Healing Paw Balm of coconut oil? 

If you want to boost coconut oil, you can add other natural ingredients to enhance its healing strength. Other forms of oils can also be helpful. Only take a small amount of coconut oil. Then add a few drops of organic jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and a few drops of rosemary extract or chamomile essential oil. Mix it between the palms of your hands and add to the paws of your dog.

How to Choose the Best Coconut Oil for Your Pup?

The first and foremost thing you need to ensure is that the oil you have purchased is the right kind of coconut oil. You should check the label to see if it is unrefined, extra virgin organic coconut oil. These are the primary symbols of a pure and natural product.

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